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Africa Investments Capabilities

White Paper Published By: Sanlam Investments
Sanlam Investments
Published:  May 24, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  28 pages

We aim to improve people’s lives by being Wealthsmiths™ We believe everyone deserves to live their best lives possible. A Wealthsmith™ is a person who has a deep understanding of the true definition of wealth and knows how to create it and maintain it over the long term.

To be a Wealthsmith™ is to be patient, to act meticulously and never to be hurried. It’s having a shrewd mind, and an understanding of what it takes to create wealth and be able to give more of it back. 

Sanlam’s African footprint has shown steady, continuous growth with a proven track record of success.

Download this report find out how Sanlam Africa Investments allows clients to capitalise on the attractive long-term returns and diversification benefits of investing in Africa, which Sanlam has experienced as it has expanded across the continent.

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