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Scale-out Data Lakes Solution Built on EMC Isilon

White Paper Published By: Dell EMC
Dell EMC
Published:  Mar 18, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  3 pages

Organizations are faced with the challenge of handling large quantities of data that is growing rapidly, is needed by more employees for business operations, and must meet stringent security and compliance mandates. With the growing popularity of Hadoop as an analytics tool of choice, businesses are

  • Adding one more data silo with three times the capacity of the dataset
  • Enabling access to more data and the results of analyses for a larger diverse audience
  • Grappling with inconsistent security policies as datasets grow
  • Experiencing longer latencies to move data from the sources to the analytics systems due to the size and complexity of access mechanisms.
These challenges, along with access difficulties, are preventing business insights from driving business action.

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